Student Health

Student Health

The Appleton Area School District promotes healthy schools by supporting wellness, good nutrition, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning environment. The District supports a healthy environment where children learn and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices. By facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity, schools contribute to the basic health status of children. Improved health optimizes student performance potential. (Board Policy 341.34)

Healthy School Snacks  

Badger Elementary and the Appleton Area School District promotes healthy snack choices in our schools.

Snack Suggestions

Fresh or dried fruit, pretzels, cheese, whole grain crackers, sandwich halves, bagels, raw vegetables, low fat muffins, 100% juice boxes, yogurt, popcorn (without butter), nuts, unsweetened cereal, bottles of water

Birthday Treat Suggestions

Fruit or cheese kabobs, apple wedges, veggie platter, celery with peanut butter or cheese, rice cakes, cheese platter with whole grain crackers.

Treats to Avoid

Carbonated beverages, items needing refrigeration, potato chips, high sugar, high fat foods, fruit roll-ups or fruit snacks, desserts.
AASD Wellness Policy states

“All foods available on school grounds and at school-sponsored activities during the instructional day should meet or exceed the AASD Student Nutrition Standards. A healthy school environment should not be dependent on revenue from high-fat, high-sugar, low nutrient foods to support school programs. Emphasis should be placed on foods that are nutrient dense per calorie. Foods should be served with consideration toward variety, appeal, taste, safety, and packaging to ensure high quality meals. Access to plain, drinkable water throughout the school day should be available at no cost to students.”