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Our School

Mission Statement

Together, dedicated to academic excellence, we embrace citizenship and respect diversity by providing a safe, caring and positive learning environment for each child. This is Badger’s mission. 

The first part of our mission is focused on academic excellence. Each child at Badger is seen as a unique individual with unique academic needs. Through differentiating instruction, flexible groupings, and utilizing multiple intelligences each child can succeed according to how s/he learns best.
The second part of our mission focuses on citizenship and diversity. Citizenship is taught through the social skills program that Badger has developed. We place great emphasis on teaching all students at Badger how to be positive, productive community members. Through our Service Club and Leadership Club we help with local agencies and with assisted living facilities. Diversity is celebrated at Badger through a culture night, ELL parent meetings, Red Ribbon Week and numerous other programs.
The final focus of our mission is to provide a safe, caring and positive learning environment. Our expectations are based on respect which leads to a positive learning environment. The staff at Badger has worked extremely hard at developing respectful behaviors at school. Thanks to the support from Badger families we are developing lifelong learners who respect learning and strive to learn each and every day.
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Badger Elementary School Building

Badger was originally built in 1952 and was expanded in 1956, 1978, 1987, 1991, and 2002.

  • School Mascot:  Bulldog
  • School Colors:  Blue and Gold